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  • Homeland Security
  • First Responders
  • Event/Private Security
  • Package Handlers
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Personal Radiation Indicator
  • Dirty Bomb Detector
  • And many more…

General Description

Imagine creating an instant, economical, roving web of radiation detection throughout your community using a miniature device that is carried effortlessly by each law enforcement professional and first responder on every patrol, event, traffic stop, 911 call, rail accident and overturned truck of unknown origin. Here is an opportunity to enhance your community's radiation detection capabilities infinitely.

This device, called K8, is already in use with CHiPs, Colorado and New Mexico State Police, and Las Vegas Fire and Rescue. Simple to understand and maintain, K8 will help detect, inform and mobilize your radiological experts faster, reducing harmful exposure.

Standing apart from the much slower, less sensitive Geiger-Muller (gas tube) key chain detectors, K8 uses solid state technology to immediately identify radiation presence, sensing and blinking at each radioactive particle and alarming both audibly and visibly in a few seconds at 5 mR/h. Each unit is tested by a physicist, CE approved, made in the USA, less than 1 ounce and hands free.

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The Market's Most Sensitive Miniature Radiological Warning Device

  • Fast Acting - Alarms in 2 to 4 seconds of source presence.
  • Sensitive - 5 mR/h or greater triggers the alarms.
  • Economical - A low cost / high value solution for exponentially expanding your detection capabilities.
  • Discrete - Fits easily almost anywhere. 25mm x 39mm x
    12mm; 13g or, 1” x 1.5” x 0.475”; 1/2oz.
  • Rugged - A durable clamp that you just can't shake. Exceeds drop test requirements of ANSI 13.27.
  • Simple - Audible alarm. And, the bright LED alerts in inaudible environments.
  • Certified - CE. NCRP. EMC. NIST. ANSI. And, each unit is tested by a Doctor of Physics.


  • CE Agency approved.
  • Meets NCRP Guidance & Recommendations for Management of Terrorist Events.
  • Capable of detecting low levels of radiation.
  • Detects very small amounts of radioactive materials.
  • Protects against unexpected exposure to radioactive sources.
  • Tested by using NIST traceable sources.
  • Meets EMC Directive Standards.





Slide power switch to ’I’. The unit is now actively detecting.

Green Flashes
The device is detecting radiation particles (5 to 10 minutes between flashes is normal)

Yellow Flashes
Change the battery (12 hour warning)

Red Flashes
5 mR/h (50 μSv/h) or more radiation is present
Alarm Sounds
5 mR/h (50 μSv/h) or more radiation is present






Specifications (All specifications are subject to change without notice)


X & Gamma; 30 keV - 6.2 MeV

Alarm Volume
Continuous Beeps @100 Sv/h

One standard CR2032 battery with ~1500h(60 days) continuous use battery life is included

Operational between -20°C to +50°C, >95%,

Exceeds drop test requirements of ANSI 13.27

High impact plastic housing and clip

Size & Weight
25mm x 39mm x 12mm, 13g

Important Safety information

  1. Keep at minimum of 20 cm away from microwave, cellular phone, etc.
  2. Drops may cause false signals.


Made in the USA.

One year limited warranty