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About K8 Community

A thirty-five year resident of Southern Connecticut, K8 Community founder, , began his professional career as a commercial and residential building tradesman. Jeff networked into the field of industrial supply chain management and was quickly recognized for applying the common sense and Yankee Ingenuity of a New England craftsman toward resolving complex technical and logistical issues.

For the past decade, Jeff has worked in business development and project management, successfully tailoring technology, e-commerce, inventory management, and manufacturing competencies into solutions for New England's largest and most sophisticated multinational and Fortune 500 original equipment manufacturers.

Since, 2005, Jeff has complemented K8 inventor and solid state physics pioneer, Dr. Sam Hsu, in many successful industrial business ventures. Dr. Hsu has also supplied his international expertise assisting as Jeff's business liaison and travel guide in Asia.

With K8's simple, common sense approach to radiological safety and homeland security, Jeff has found a solution compatible with his own practical style to help resolve serious concerns facing the public, law enforcement, freight companies, first responders, nuclear medicine patients and others.

In keeping with Jeff’s belief in the values of small town New England, K8 Community is always at its customers’ disposal to answer questions and concerns and fully resolve all issues to complete satisfaction. Please visit our Contact or Blog page to get in touch with Jeff.


About K8

Dr. Sam Hsu helped pioneer solid state dosimetry with his first invention, patented in 1980. Since then, he has developed numerous variants including underwater detectors, and area and portable monitors. Tens of thousands of dosimeters and many real-time radiological access control systems have been designed by Dr. Hsu for customers on almost every continent. His dosimetry products once held 90% of the solid state market share in the US.

In 2002, Dr. Hsu developed K8, a miniature radiation detection device ideal for all day personal carry. Thousands of K8s have been sold worldwide to law enforcement, first responders, hospitals, schools, national laboratories and private citizens. Due to K8’s innovative concept, Dr. Sam Hsu was invited as a keynote speaker by the NATO Advanced Research Workshop in Warsaw, Poland.

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The Rigors of Traveling - Dr. Hsu with a tired Jeff driving toward Shenzhen